Cement Manufacturers with FG Agrees On Discount Charge For 300,000 Low Cost Houses

Cement Manufacturers with FG Agrees On Discount Charge For 300,000 Low Cost Houses
Cement Manufacturers with FG Agrees On Discount Charge For 300,000 Low Cost Houses

As Planned, Ensuring that the success of the Social Housing scheme where the Buhari administration will construct 300,000 houses under the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP), for low Poor Nigerians, cement manufacturers have come to an agreement to put a discount of prices.

Making the disclosure over the weekend while visiting the finished model houses in Dei Dei at the Federal Capital Territory, vice chairman Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, affirmed it’s indeed possible to deliver decent and affordable accommodation which will be within the reach of the many Nigerians.

Answering reporters’ questions after the visit to at least one of the development sites of the Social Housing scheme, the VP noted the contributions of major cement manufacturers within the country towards the success of the programme.

Prof. Osinbajo expressed satisfaction with the standard of the planning after being showed a sample of the soon to be commenced project and therefore the incontrovertible fact that the homes are very affordable.

Commenting on the implementation of the scheme across the country, the vice chairman assured that the Mass Housing Programme are going to be provided across the country.

The vice chairman noted that the work creation component of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) would even be actualized through Social Housing Scheme.

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The social housing scheme of Buhari administration is a crucial aspect of the plan by the federal to deal with the housing needs within the country by building thousands of low-cost houses and within the process create wealth and jobs for teens which will be engaged within the construction of the homes .

Under the ESP, the federal has mandated the financial institution to supply financing for the housing scheme and a N200B facility has been approved because the first tranche already.

There would even be Rent to have option as a part of the administration’s resolve to impact the commoner during this social housing plan expected to get 1.8m jobs and deliver houses to about 1.5m Nigerian families.

The implementing agency, Family Homes Fund (FHF) Ltd, workplace under the Federal Ministry of Finance, has already mobilized thousands of Cooperative groups across the country who will participate in the Social Housing plan because the main warehouse agents and also mobilize the low-income buyers. Take this as an instance, FHF has met with 93 Cooperative Leaders from the 6 geographical zones, under the aegis of the Co-Operatives Federation of Nigeria.

Individuals who don’t belong to cooperatives haven’t been overlooked as they will also apply through the portal: www.nshp.gov.ng.

Laolu Akande, the President Senior Special Assistant for Media & Publicity
3rd January, 2021

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