List of Arthritis Pain Drugs For Dogs

List of Arthritis Pain Drugs For Dogs
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One of the most common arthritis drugs for dogs is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug called Rimadyl and it was created for relieving pain and inflammation in dogs. Research has proven that it provides relief for osteoarthritis symptoms. Rimadyl has fewer side effects than other similar drugs on the market today, and for that reason, it has become a popular choice for pet owners.

Rimadyl, however, is a drug; not a cure and every drug has some kind of harmful side effect. Regardless of the fact that Rimadyl is highly effective at reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain, and can make coping with pet arthritis more bearable, it does not treat the disease itself and therefore is not a cure. Some of the reported side effects are digestive upset and liver problems.

The medication should be given with food to avoid stomach upset, and it has been advised to allow your pet to eat some food, then take the medication and then finish eating. This allows the drug to be absorbed along with the food and reduces the onset of stomach upset. In a lot of cases, veterinarians also prescribe additional drugs to counteract the upset stomach and ulcers. As with all drugs, there are possible side effects with long-term use.

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When using arthritis drugs for dogs you should carefully monitor your pet, and look for any of these symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and cramps. Other things you might notice are loss of appetite, dark stools, jaundice, or lethargy. Symptoms that are less obvious are damage to the liver or kidneys and could aggravate preexisting hypertension.

Some recent studies found that there are things that a pet owner can do to reduce the chances of their pet having these harmful side effects. The study suggests that the use of any arthritis drugs for dogs should be limited, and one of the ways that this can be accomplished is to combine the drug with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. As you see your pet’s condition improve, decrease the number of painkillers as discomfort and limping disappear.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate enhanced by other nutritional supplements and herbs can make a major difference in your dog. Make sure that the nutritional supplements are made of all-natural ingredients and should include antioxidant vitamins and minerals to help support joints from deterioration.

Thoroughly investigate any arthritis drugs for dogs before giving them to your pet, and beware of the harmful side effects.

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