Simplified and Compiled Steps to Raising a Shar Pei Dog

Simplified and Compiled Steps to Raising a Shar Pei Dog
Written by Joshua

When raising a Shar-Pei dog, know that you’ll most likely experience difficulties in the process. One thing that has been well-known about this breed is its fierce loyalty. This breed originated from China, where they served as guard dogs for Chinese Royalty, as well as fighting. The latter was rather inhumane but was luckily put to an end as time progressed. After years of evolution, it still retained many of the traits such as being very protective, brave, and some of the bad ones. Many people choose this breed for its unique look, somewhat seemingly strange in an attractive way.

It has many wrinkles which are quite deep – people find this to be cute. Cute doesn’t cover the fact that it can develop some behavioral problems along the way. One of those will be a trust issue – it easily grows suspicious of strangers, especially ones visiting the house. The Shar-Pei has the tendency to become overprotective, causing it to misinterpret human gestures. Even if you don’t mean harm it will think otherwise. This can make it a fantastic guard dog, one that is loyal to only you and its family. It will let you know if anybody has gotten in the house, and can take action if provoked.

But it likes overdoing things sometimes, which also makes it a lousy guest entertainer – even doubting the intentions of visiting friends. This definitely doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. Every behavioral defect corresponds to a solution – the best one imploring early correctional methods, commonly termed as puppy training. Starting young means you’ll be getting a head start; you can beat the problem before it even develops. Throughout the early months, take note of any unwanted behavior, and do something about it. Sometimes ignoring it works, but the success of it ain’t always absolutely sure. Let it know when you don’t like what it’s doing.

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When teaching basic commands, use a tone of voice that will easily recognize you being serious. Be firm and gentle, establishing the “superior parent” figure. This will make it respect you but not fear you, which is essential in molding behavior and obedience. Keep sessions interesting and fun, but never too long. Here I stress the importance of intensity of duration, meaning shorter sessions held throughout the day packing everything it needs for learning. Your Shar-Pei must be allowed to socialize. Introduce it to other animals and humans, so that it can familiarize itself with normal behavior.

Taking it out for walks or just for play will be vital for the bond between you too. Remember to love your dog, that it is prone to make mistakes; which of course should be accepted because there was never meant to be a perfect pet. Lower yourself to their level – when I say this I don’t mean degrade yourself, rather put yourself in their shoes to better understand them. Better understanding your Shar Pei will help you determine the causes of the problems that have been happening, and think of a good solution. Proper raising will require time and a lot of patience, but the end result will be more than enough payment for the effort.

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