Factors to Consider in Selecting Rottweiler as a Pet

Factors to Consider in Selecting Rottweiler as a Pet
Written by Joshua

Nowadays, many canine attacks on people are often linked to the Rottweiler. The victims are then interviewed on television or via radio – you can hear the grieving mother or father saying “that damn Rottweiler bit my son’s finger off” or “kill every one of the bastards” and many more statements with words needing censorship. This really damages the breed’s reputation.

It’s constantly being stereotyped as a menace and a threat to all humans and other pets. But do people ever stop to consider the cause of the aggressive behavior? If you try to listen to the story of why it became that way, you too will see that it’s not the dog’s fault, rather its owner.

This isn’t a monster we are talking about here. It’s a loving pooch with extreme loyalty and over-protectiveness problems. The owner of the dog is usually the one to blame – if it wasn’t for negligence during training or perhaps not training it at all, the glooming situations could have been avoided. This breed has traits that are very good. They are actually affectionate and love being where their masters are. They have the tendency to bond with one member more than it does with the others, but nevertheless, it still enjoys being with every single one of them. A very playful pet, it enjoys going around with its human companions and running around close to them.

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One problem with it is that it can sometimes interpret friendly gestures or many other kinds of gestures as a sign of hostility – especially from strangers. Hostility is something that this breed just can’t accept, primarily if it is directed to its owners. A Rottweiler isn’t going to have any of that, so it’s going to take action. Then people go crazy and blame the savage dog for doing such savage things. The owner in turn pulls the pooch away and gives it a beating. Can you blame the pooch? You really can’t because it was just trying to protect its owner.

Now it receiving a beating for doing something good confuses the dog. Why should it be harmed for doing what seemed the right thing to do? Eventually, the beating will force it into protecting itself, making it dangerous to the owner as well. It has sound intentions but needs proper guidance. Having it undergo behavioral lessons at an early age is vital. Train while its mind is easily molded. Allow it to socialize and interact with other people so that it will be able to properly understand the gestures of humans and pets. Allow it to get used to how people behave.

The Rottweiler needs special care and training methods. You can never be too rough with it, but don’t let it step over you. Keep it in place with a firm but gentle hand. Let it immediately know when it’s misbehaving, and praise it for good acts and obedience. Most importantly, give it love – lots of love. It will want to be with you so just let it have its way sometimes. Needing and knowing to be part of the family is important for this pet. There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just a misguided one.

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