History of Aso Rock, Presidential House FCT Abuja

History of Aso Rock, Presidential House FCT Abuja
History of Aso Rock, Presidential House FCT Abuja

The Presidential Sophisticated Homes are Called the Aso Rock Presidential Villa. Its constructions comprise the Workplace and Residence of the President, Offices of the Vice President and Wife of the President, the Statehouse Conference Center, State House Annexe and also the Akinola Aguda House.

Aso Rock means”people of success”. It’s the popular title utilized by Nigerians to refer into this Presidential Complex and Spiritual Statehouse.

Aso Villa was developed in 1991, the exact identical year that the main city of Nigeria was transferred from Lagos to Abuja by the Ibrahim Babaginda government plus it’s found on the outskirts of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria,” Aso Rock can be currently a 400-metre monolith also it’s the pride of Abuja.

Interior Aso Rock Villa Buildings
The Presidential Complex, Nigerian National Assembly, along with Nigerian Supreme Court are situated across the Grove. Much of town extends into the south east of this stone. This was also the website of this 2003 Aso Rock Declaration, issued by means of Government of this Commonwealth throughout the CHOGM held in Abuja.

Over the Aso Rock Villa construction, there’s the chapel, restaurant and mosque. Inside Aso Rock Nigerian presidential hallway, you can find assorted rooms for a variety of purposes. Even the Nigerian President and Vice President’s office, the seminar rooms are only a couple offices within the construction.

Aso Rock has been the website of this 2003 Aso Rock Declaration, issued by Heads of Government of this Common-wealth through that the CHOGM held in Abuja. It hastens the Commonwealth’s fundamentals detailed under the Harare Declaration, however, place the’promotion of democracy and evolution’ whilst the business’s priorities.

In 1976the Military Government of Murtala Mohammed chose to relocate the country’s Federal Capital by Lagos to some central place and also Create a board led by Justice Akinola Aguda to create recommendations. The board made a proposal for the introduction of a Federal Capital Territory (FCT) at the middle of the nation. On February 3, 1976, General Mohammed issued a proclamation for the effect.

The building of Abuja began at the Start of the 1980s. Akinola Aguda House (officially announced on October 1, 1983) was originally conceived as being a Lodge & guesthouse Sophisticated — constructed of a temporary official residence for the President (dispersing the construction of a permanent Presidential Home ), in addition to guest-houses for visiting Heads of State — throughout the presidency of Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

President Ibrahim Babangida, who took office in 1985, kicked off the construction of a brand new Presidential dwelling on October 1-3, 1989. About November 1, 1991, the Aso Rock Presidential Villa has been completed and President Babangida became the first Head of State to inhabit it, moving on December 1-2, 1991.

Occupants of Aso Rock Presidential Villa (Past and Present Labour )

  • Ibrahim Babangida
  • Sani Abacha
  • Abdulsalam Abubakar
  • Olusegun Obasanjo
  • Umaru Musa Yar’ adua
  • Good-luck Ebele Jonathan.
  • Muhammadu Buhari (Current President)

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