It’s a Lie!! Nigerians Don’t Want PDP Back in 2023 – Garba Shehu

It's a Lie!! Nigerians Don't Want PDP Back in 2023 - Garba Shehu
It's a Lie!! Nigerians Don't Want PDP Back in 2023 - Garba Shehu

Speaking on Sunday, The Presidency detailed on the fact that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) claimed that Nigerians are fed up with President Muhammadu Buhari Party All Progressives Congress (APC) and Now want the PDP in Power by 2023.

Stating that, the Senior Special Assistant to the President Muhammadu Buhari aforementioned that Nigerians do Not want Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as PDP is ‘the university of lies’ to power again.

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Recall that earlier, the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP speaking in an interview which later on was Published by Daily Independent disclosed that Nigerians have realised that PDP alone has the entire country interests in Mind.

Shehu responding, said:

“We’ve gotten so daft that, this days, we engage more on bad things which could involve abuses of others and but as an official spokespersons of the APC, We ar entitled to take deliberate choice of staying out of all this”

“Nevertheless, It’s such a shame that the PDP Peoples Democratic Party has the morale to put up a claim that Nigerians currently ain’t satisfied enough with Buhari’s Government and Expects the return of PDP”.

In those their 16 years, recall as at at that time, a barrel of oil sold for as high as USD 140 dollars, they blew a golden opportunity to grow the economy to soaring heights.

Normally, They could’ve used that opportunity to extend power generation, modernise the rail and fix roads and bridges because the present administration is currently struggling, with lesser incomes to try to to .

About 800 road projects are currently ongoing within the six geopolitical zones of the country.

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