List of Affordable Places to Live in Abuja

List of Affordable Places to Live in Abuja
List of Affordable Places to Live in Abuja

There has been a tremendous influx of people into the town, this population expansion has caused the development of satellite cities such as Karu city spot, Suleja, Gwagwalada, Lugbe, Kuje and more compact settlements to which the planned metropolis is still sprawling. The unofficial metropolitan area of Abuja includes a population of above three thousand.


Resident identified chiefly at Kubwa are civil servants, businessmen, and women, industrial motorcycle riders, leaders, and entrepreneurs screened. It is really just actually a residential district at Bwari. It’s is but one of many greatest campuses in the metropolitan areas of Abuja.

Several businesses that range from supermarkets, stores , general markets (for instance, Kubwa industry , web page 2-phase 1 Economy, etc.. ) participated by group members dominate the environment.

It’s exceptionally dominated by middle-class men and women. You are able to become nearly all you need within this area in the industry and surrounding areas. It’s also relatively easy to access other pieces of Abuja throughout this region. A apartment at Kubwa is not a bad thought.

Karu Urban Area

The Karu Urban region shares border involving Nasarawa along with the Federal Cash Territory (FCT). In central, it is situated in Central Nigeria. It’s a estimated population of two million people. Karu is currently among the quickest growing urban areas in the Earth, using a growth rate of 40% listed annually. From west to east, the urban area comprises towns such as Kurunduma, New nya-nya, Mararaba, New Karu, Ado, Masaka and more popular, pristine towns such as a single Person Village.

Getting a flat is Karu is comparatively affordable compared to other places in Abuja. An apartment in Abuja is a winwin equation. Transportation to additional parts is affordable into the ordinary class Nigerian.

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Lugbe is one among the very popular suburban settlements in Abuja. It is in the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). It is largely residential and densely populated. Lugbe Is All roughly 17 minutes drive out of Your Central Business District of Abuja and also 1-3 minutes Travel into the Abuja Airport Terminal . It is along the airport road. Lugbe is broken up to five chambers particularly Lugbe southwest, Lugbe northsouth, Lugbe central, Lugbe west along with Lugbe east. This may make it easily available for working class men and women.

Lugbe’s proximity to the city centre also to the Abuja airport terminal has attracted it into the limelight and brought significant development to the area. The area is developing very fast and really is a more viable area to put money into real estate. It’s infested by Corpers who cannot afford leasing apartments inside the creme la creme are as in Abuja.

However, an individual could experience significant traffic in Lugbe because of the airport terminal road near. Notwithstanding Lugbe is a great is a great location to call home.


Kuje is one of the few localities to be advanced in sociable media using a couple of community magazine among which will be called Kuje Reflection, where you are able to read regional Kuje news. The next is Konfam which introduced its inaugural variant in-may 2016, according to Kuje like an entire, its own civilization, values and the people of Kuje in overall. Konfam journal is aimed at bringing Kuje to the limelight.

Kuje is just a busy market town with a range of road side stores attempting to sell materials, provisions, construction stuff, ironmongery, tools, mobile cards, and songs CDs.

A peculiar future of Kuje can be a vibrant market place held each four days with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, extremely clean meat, other provisions, including household things, material, footwear, clothing, smoked fish along with posters showing European footballers envisioned alongside their residences, wives, along with autos and trucks.

Kuje is seeing an immediate expansion internally building because of its proximity to Abuja and on account of the removal of informal settlements over the airport road. Renting an apartment at Kuje can spare a great deal of income for low or average revenue earners.

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