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Once there was a king update Friday 4 March 2022 Zee World

Written by Joshua

Once there was a king  4 March 2022: Gayatri tells Sartaj to run away from here as far as possible. Sartaj asks why she is doing so? Gayatri says she can suffer the accusation on herself, but not the sin of father’s murder on her husband. Sartaj blesses Gayatri and leaves. The guard watches this. Sartaj runs out of the palace, he confronts Bari Rani maa. Bari Rani Maa says if he wants to live, he must never return to Amirkot now. Sartaj asks for some other order from her. Bari Rani Maa says later, right now he must leave. Bari Rani Maa asks Mansen if they are ready?

The guard tells Rana ji that the prisoner has run away. Rana ji says not even air can go out without his permission, how can the prisoner run away. There is some betrayer in the palace, who has helped. The guard says that Rana ji is right. Rana ji asks who helped him. The guard says Gayatri herself helped Sartaj to run away. Everyone is shocked hearing this. Rana ji calls for Gayatri to be brought to palace.
He asks Gayatri if she helped Sartaj, a punished prisoner to run away. Bari Rani Maa comes there and says Gayatri won’t go against him ever. There can be Sartaj’s planning in this all. Gayatri says whatever she did, was with her own will. She says she made Sartaj run away, because his death in the hands of Rana ji must be a sin. Rana ji says either God or a prince has the right to decide the sin. Bari Rani Maa says Gayatri must have a motive. Rana ji says no one will interfere between a Raja and a Rani, he says to Gayatri that she has broken his trust, she has betrayed the Amirkot. She has sent a wrong message to his subjects that he can’t give punishment to the criminals. Gayatri says she is doing this all for the wellbeing of Amirkot.

Rana ji asks what is good for Amirkot in this. Gayatri thinks about Raaj Mata’s advice and says she can’t tell him about it. Rana ji shouts that she must tell him, he is Rana of Amirkot. Gayatri says she is the princess of Amirkot, she had no proof of Sartaj being the criminal. Rajeshwari comes there clapping, she says she has seen the justice of Rana Indravadhan today, they have made a good drama of this all situation. Rana ji says Gayatri disappointed him today, has she forgotten the vows they had taken at the time of marriage. Gayatri’s tear fell off her eyes, she tries to hold his arm but he jerks her away. Rajeshwari runs away from the palace, Bari Rani Maa calls her dramatically. Rana ji goes behind Rajeshwari, she was about to jump out of the window. Rana ji stops her. She says she wants to die thinking her criminal is still alive. Rana ji says he won’t stay alive. Rajeshwari says she can’t trust anyone again, she takes the knife from his belt but he slaps her hard. Rajeshwari says he hasn’t slapped her but himself. Had he been a true Rajput, he won’t have let that criminal leave the palace. Rana ji brings Rajeshwari to the hall back, Rana ji says he will fulfil her promise and will kill Sartaj with his own hands. He says either before sunset, Rana ji will bring Sartaj’s head or else there won’t be a sunset. Gayatri looks at Rajeshwari with hatred. Rana ji brings his gun, looks at Gayatri then leaves.
Rana ji and his men went through the forests looking for Sartaj. He says Sartaj is nowhere to be found, but they won’t leave without him. He finds a man Sartaj running on a side, he calls him to stop but he doesn’t. They follow him. Rana ji calls him to stop.

Rajeshwari comes to Gayatri and asks if she is punishing Rajeshwari because of her brother. She says that her brother will mix poison in their lives, and she and Rana ji would also not live peacefully. Rana ji calls Sartaj to stop else they will open fire. He doesn’t stop. Rana ji pulls the trigger, the bullet hits a man who fell off on the ground. Rana ji comes to him, he says a man can be saved from the gun but not from justice.

Rajeshwari waits restlessly in the palace. Swarana tells Gayatri not to worry, Rana ji must be back. Gayatri says if Rana ji does what he shouldn’t, everything will be spoilt. Swarna asks what that means. Raaj Mata says nothing, Gayatri is just worried. Kokilla happily asks Kunwar ji if Rana ji will leave the throne if he is unable to kill that man. Kunwar ji tells her to shut up and see there is going to happen what never did in the past. Rajeshwari says there will be no justice done to her, she must give her life would be better. She goes to pick the knife again, Gayatri struggles with her to stop her. The door opens, Rana ji comes with a body in his arms. Rajeshwari is happy. Rana ji keeps the body on the floor, Rajeshwari says that Rana ji killed Sartaj with his own hands. She joins hands and says she suspected him and his justice, but today he proved he doesn’t heed anything in front of justice, neither family nor love. She orders the cloth removed from his face, he wants to see how her criminal look like, dead. The body was of Avdesh, everyone is shocked. Tear fell off Rana ji’s eyes. Rajeshwari fell over the body in disbelief, she asks Rana ji what this is. She cries and complains that he went to bring Sartaj’s head. Rana ji says he had fired Sartaj but doesn’t know how… Rajeshwari asks what he wants to say, who his murderer is. Rana ji says he is the culprit, Avdesh lost his life from his gun’s bullet. Gayatri is left in shock.

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