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Once there was a king update Wednesday 2 March 2022 Zee World

Written by Joshua

Once there was a king  2 March 2022: Sartaj agrees to tell Bari Rani Maa the truth and says Rana ji is his son. Bari Rani Maa asks him to repeat himself. Sartaj says Rana ji is his and a pr*stitute’s son, Raaj Mata wants to hide this. Bari Rani Maa asks how? He tells Bari Rani Maa about the deal. Bari Rani Maa is left in shock, she says Rana Indravadhan Singh Dev is the heir of a robber and a pr*stitute. She cheers that she hadn’t heard such a news. She says to Sartaj that she wants to gift him his life, he has to promise her loyalty. Sartaj says Rana ji will neither listen to him nor her. Bari Rani Maa says she will save him, and take him out but he will have to stay truthful to her.
Raaj Mata makes arrangements of Basant festival. She tells Gayatri that tomorrow is a festival, Raja and Rani fly kite together, and it teaches them to balance things in life. Gayatri was lost, she says tomorrow is a new beginning and an old chapter is going to get closed. Raaj Mata asks if she is talking about Sartaj. Gayatri says why the festival day then? Raaj Mata says life has always brought Sartaj on the wrong day, but he is getting the death on the right day at right place.
Bari Rani Maa says she has got a secret, now throne will also be hers. She says her dream isn’t only throne but revenge as well. Revenge of her insult. She must think about the defeat of the enemy, she got on the throne before as well but she had to leave it. She will enjoy it if Rana ji, Gayatri and Raaj mata aren’t there to take her off this throne. When the three become puppets in her hands.
Raaj Mata asks Gayatri not to overthink, everything happens with God’s will. A guard comes there to ask to talk to Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata tells him to speak in front of Gayatri. The guard says that Sartaj isn’t there.
Bari Rani Maa says that she will take the revenge of disrespect, defaming and insult from Gayatri. She calls Rana ji, Gayatri and Raaj Mata to be vigilant, it is the beginning of their end. She laughs hysterically, then says sorry.

The guard says Sartaj got the robe and tried to do suicide. The guards took Sartaj off, he pleaded to die. Raaj Mata sends away everyone. Bari Rani Maa watched this. Raaj Mata asks Sartaj why he wants to die so early, he couldn’t wait for a few minutes. She asks him to stop this drama and tell him the truth. Sartaj says he wants to pay for his sins. Raaj Mata says she wants to ask him to the reason of his urgency. Sartaj says he is a sinner, he doesn’t want his son to become a sinner. He says she can kill him anywhere anytime, but not with his son’s hands. Gayatri tells him to calm down, she gets him water to drink. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri what she is doing. Raaj Mata says this man is doing a drama, to save himself. Robber Sartaj who didn’t leave anyone’s life, how he can kill himself today. Sartaj joins hands in front of Gayatri, he says she must save his son from father’s killing. Raaj Mata takes Gayatri along saying this rope is also here, jail is here and so is he.
Raaj Mata tells Gayatri that the man is lying. Gayatri says that the liars take rope in their hands and shout. She says they must stop Rana ji from committing this sin, by telling him the truth. Raaj Mata says if she had to tell him, why she would keep this secret in her heart for thirty five years. Gayatri says every secret breaks some time. Raaj Mata says what if he doesn’t understand, he will break and with him, her dreams will also break. She leave Gayatri there.
Bari Rani Maa tells Sartaj to see how relations are broken, mother and daughter have turned to mother in law and daughter in law. These differences will now make them apart and will make way for him to leave. Sartaj says he is a robber, but he won’t learn being a bastard like she is.

Gayatri thinks about telling Rana ji about Sartaj. Rana ji slaps Laksh, he says heir is recognized by his blood. Didn’t he think for once before doing this? He says he is not only a prince of Amirkot but a guard of the people living in it. He won’t let Laksh ruin their identity. He says to Laksh that once more he goes against Amirkot, he will forget Laksh is his brother. Laksh joins his hands and apologizes. Rana ji leaves. Gayatri hears this all, she thinks Rana ji is so proud of his blood and his father. If he knows about his blood, it would be really bad.
In the temple, Gayatri says she had promised to keep it a secret. Her husband is going to commit a sin, she can’t stop him. Her husband won’t be forgiven for this. She doesn’t know the way, if she tells Rana ji he will be broken and if she doesn’t, he will commit a suicide.

She asks for help to save her husband, her family and Amirkot. Bari Rani maa comes there, she keeps a hand on Gayatri’s shoulders who stands up at once. Bari Rani maa tells Gayatri that if she hides her tears, her sadness will find some other way. She says she knows Gayatri’s worry. She says the day she heard that Rana ji himself is going to take Sartaj’s life she was worried. She thought that Rana ji shouldn’t kill Sartaj by himself. Gayatri says Sartaj is a sinner and he will get its punishment. Bari Rani maa asks what about murdering a father? Gayatri stops at once thinking how Bari Rani maa knows about it.

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