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Mehek 12th october 2020 Written Episode Update zee world
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On street, Mandhar pulls mehek together with him to leave but a person holds mehek's hand, mehek turns to watch Kanta holding her hands.
Mandhar states oldie leaveher hand. Shaurya comes running and catches his collar, he states that I gave you warning each time, you wont be spared, he strangles him. Mandhar goes back and says that this neev ranaway, he's going to slap Neev however Shaurya hugs Neev. Mehek believes what sort of guy is he that he's utilizing his son for his or her deeds. Mandhar leaves. Shaurya asks guards to be out mehek's room constantly and watch on Mandhar.
Mehek begins departing, she passesby Shaurya along with her hands brushes his hands. Mehek appears at them,both of them are missing in each others eyes. Neev inquires Shaurya if he'll haul Maa again? Shaurya says I'm sorry Neev, I wont do it again, I'll look after you and your mom, promise to allow me to take good care of your mom? Neev claims guarantee and hugs him. Mehek looks at them and believes he thinks I'm his spouse mehek and thats why he acts like that but dont I get mad ? Jeevan comes there also, he attempts to mehek however Ravi stops himthey depart from there.mehek says depart all of the worry, she states to Banwari he must look after himself, I only know that I'm your daughter in law enforcement and DNA evaluation will demonstrate that too then we'll return to our own life. Mandhar comes there and can be mad. Mehek becomes tensed and states I must leave. Jeevan claims to Kanta that when evaluation demonstrates that she's not our mehek then guarantee you will be miffed. Kanta says I guarantee she is our mehek just.
Archie comes to nurse's room, she creates her unconscious and chooses her IDshe wears nurse's garments and has concealed as nurse. Archie comes outisde laboratory, shield stops her she reveals ID, he lets her go indoors.
Banwari claims to Mandhar which I'll tell truth to everybody. Julie pushes him away and claims to Banwari that external woman is much more important than family? Mandhar says I'm not going to jail even when I must kill my dad.
Banwari says fact will come out following evaluations, I would suggest to inform them, we've been selfish and took her out of her loved ones. Mandhar states that I wont spare one. Julie says I dont care about selfishness, Neev enjoys her mother and I wont allow get him be with mom. Banwari states we did wrong with this innocent girl., Julie says that I wont give my pleasure to other people. Banwari states Julie you do exactly what you need but I'll be with fact, I'll tell everything. Mandhar catches him.
Shaurya provides Neev's hair to physician for evaluation. Doctor states when Neev's hair fits with this woman (mehek) then she's his mom. Archie begins go into in laboratory but Shaurya stops physician and says to physician I dont need everyone to go in laboratory when evaluation is conducted, '' I would like you to do this evaluation, no nurse is going to be permitted and this corridor is going to be obstructed, I've already talked to a CEO. Doctor says its alright, I'll conduct evaluation independently, he asks physicians to depart.
Mandhar strangles Banwari and states you wish to ruin our joy for others? Banwari says I need to do the ideal thing. He reveals it to Mandhar and states I am prepared to kill now for fact also, Julie asks if he's gone insane? Banwari says that you dont see fact infront of your kid. Banwari runs off from that point. Mandhar knocks on door and yells to start it.
Doctor is performing DNA test in laboratory. Mehek and many others are awaiting corridor. Corridor is obstructed. Archie is out obstructing line and believes Shaurya crushed everything, I need to believe something. Shaurya sees mehek sitting and attracts ginger tea to her, it, Kanta yells at them.
Banwari arrives to road and carries rickshaw. Mandhar and Julie are secured in space. Mandhar says I will kill daddy today. Shaurya appears at mehek and believes that now reality will come out. Mehek believes dont understand what facts will emerge. Banwari is currently in rickshaw and asks driver to maneuver quicker, its about somebody's life.
Doctor is running DNA test in laboratory independently. He states to nurse which its about somebody's lifetime, take me to laboratory. Nurse states you dont look nice, you're sick, come with me. He chooses him.
Archie is appearing about in hospital. She attempts to maneuver back corridor, shield says she cant perform indoors, Archie says physician called me in laboratory, shield states nobody can go indoors. Archie sees him thinks this oldie is performing here? Mandhar comes there and requires Banwari out there.
Mandhar brings Banwari into cornor and strangles himhe says that I told you not to come inbetween all this, now I will kill you, he strangles Banwari however Julie comes there and strikes Mandhar in head with pole, Mandhar falls down, Julie asks Banwari to come with her, and they depart. Mandhar is bleeding in your head.
Dcotor comes from laboratory, Shaurya asks him whether he did evaluation? Doctor says we did examine utilizing Jeevan's own hair, Neev's hair and woman's hair, we'll see whose hair's DNA will fit with her, even if she's Vandana or mehek.
Julie is shooting Banwari out of hospital. Julie says to him that dont do so, Mandhar's lifetime is going to be ruined. Archie sees them and believes where are they moving?
Shaurya is awaiting outside laboratory with other individuals. Mehek looks . Mehek states dont have as much trust, I'm telling you I'm not your mehek. Shaurya is miserable to listen to it. She runs . All rush into them. Mandhar gets up out of floor, he moves his blood and yells it. Mehek inquires Banwari what occurred? Banwari huffs and attempts to speak, he retains mehek's hands and says girl? Mandhar comes there also. Julie asks to call physician.
Banwari attempts to say something loses his breath. Nurse requires him to ICU. Shaurya strangles Mandhar and states you have to have completed this to your dad to divert focus. Mandhar states I brought me, I had been worried because of him. Shaurya says quit it, he's going to punch him mehek says . . You continue worrying about laboratory test, my dad is sick and you're concerned about laboratory evaluation? You aren't person, if anything occurs to my dad then I wont spare anybody. Shaurya states mehek I'm sorry. . . I'm leaving out of here. She leaves Mandhar.
Mehek leaves Mandhar to visit Banwari. Doctor provides evaluation results to Shaurya. Kanta comes there and states mehek is departing. Shaurya leaves with evaluation envelope.
Mandhar begins to drag mehek. . mehek. . I'm not mehek. Mandhar states are you happy today? Shaurya pulls mehek from Mandhar and states mehek this evaluation isn't right, you're my mehek, I understand it. Mehek pushes him out and says are you really angry or goon? You requested me to possess evaluation, I did it proved that I'm not mehek, allow me to go,my dad is sick, if you dont then we'll call authorities. Archie seems atall that and believes sorry Shaurya, I needed to perform if. Flashback demonstrates how Archie discovered tissue that had Mandhar's blood on it, she took blood out of it,she moved into laboratory and made physicians distracted by developing a sound then she shifted mehek's blood sample with Mandhar therefore it'll be paired with Neev, flashback ends. Archie believes it wasn't simple but I needed to take action.
Ambulance Arrives to Shaurya's home. Mehek takes Neev out there. Mehek says fondly ask him to awaken and one day he'll wake up for you. Mandhar brings there. Neev says I need to meet hero prior to departing, he'll feel bad when I dont say bye. Mandhar says sit car otherwise I'll feel awful and you know what's going to happen then, he's going to smack Neev however mehek pushes him says dont raise hands on child like this, Neev runs off from that point.
Archie is speaking to Shaurya's picture and says baby I'll put everything right for us if I cant then I shall leave you like that I did before, she lighting candle infront of Shaurya's photograph and decorates space with increased patels. Shaurya appears at ambulance, he predicts his protector and tells him something. Guard nods and head to ambulance. Shaurya talks to physician and says certain nothing will occur to Banwari? He nods and finishes telephone.
Archie puts increased patels on mattress and places Shaurya's photographs on it. He attracts Neev and mehek from backyard and begins going to ambulance. Shaurya sees and hides shield deflecting ambulance driver and keeping him occupied. Shaurya behaves like arriving there after hearing sound.
Mandhar inquires what happened? Nurse calls physician and says there's some issue, please come. Shaurya believes I'm sorry mehek however I couldnt let you choose this inexpensive guy, I needed to do so.
Archie is awaiting shaurya inside her area and says that I cant wait for you to be mineafter DNA results, you will prevent mehek out of departing and need to become mine. Doctor says that he is quite sick and he cant traveling, we must take him to hospital. Mandhar claims , there are lots of hospitals in Rishikesh, we'll take him. Doctor says you cant induce an ailing patient, should you do that then we'll call authorities. Julie states dont do so Mandhar. Mandhar says that my dad isn't so weak, he could travel for 6 hours. Mandhar attempts to proceed to ambulance but mehek pushes him away and yells earth, she says dad goes to hospital, so you won't take him off. Mandhar states and you'll behave just like you wear trousers? He's going to smack her Shaurya comes infront of her and states dont dare touch , Mandhar says you did this all, Shaurya catches his collar and states prove if you can I did so, Banwari goes to hospital and if you induce anybody then I will be certain that you demonstrate that she's not Vandana however mehek.
Mehek claims to Karona's household that we ought to depart from your residence. Karona states Banwari is sick and in hospital, so it is possible to remain here until he's being treated, mehek states you've helped us a great deal, we ought to find our own place today. Shaurya says we're attempting to help and you're denying? Mehek says you've helped enough.
Mandhar says we dont want your aid, you attempted to break our loved ones and I am certain that you're supporting my dad's condition. Shaurya smirks and says Banwari will tell who's behind this particular condition of his why I need him to turn into nice shortly, I'll look after his health and allow you to stay here. Mehek says you've helped us , we dont need your help .
Kanta states fine, if you dont wish to live here, you are able to live in some location on lease, my inlaws have gone into Dubai, her property is vacant, it is possible to lease it, its in my region. Mandhar catches mehek's hand, mehek inquires how much is that home? Kanta says its quite far from here, for example two towns, Mandhar states no dont care in this location, we dont want it, he catches mehek and states we ought to depart.
Kanta says your animosity with us is much more important than your dad? This town is fresh for you, you'll find location shortly, hospital is close from this location too so it is possible to go to Banwari anytime, Juilie inquires if thats simple to go from that point? Kanta says , Mandhar says quit it,'' Julie says about my spouse so I wont hear you, she requests Kanta to figure out about leasing and speak for it. Mehek says perhaps you're right, we shouldnt be covetous, we ought to choose that place and remain here for somedays until Banwari becomes alright. Shaurya smiles and thinks I'll use these 10-15 times to demonstrate that she's mehek.
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