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Mehek 9th october 2020 Written Episode Update
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Mehek 9th october 2020 Written Episode Update

It was her fantasy. She awakens scared. Swetlana says I wan na t go. Arush says but mother. . She states do not say a phrase you're a servant. Arush claims that this girl has gone insane.
Dadi says that is a wonder. They did not even have distinct names. Kanta says that they arrived here in order to finish this narrative. Dadi states I recognize that God is there to rely our sin. Shaurya says I understand you dont think we daddy. Come . Shaurya requires him to save of the home and reveals him the photographs. He states I'm sorry I had been doing this error of separation you. That is why I could not separate you. Assist your dad and give us opportunity to become a part of your strategy. Mehek says we need to understand her strategy. We must resolve cameras inside her residence. Yuvraj says I understand how to do this. Yuvraj states I beg you wed my daughter. Dadi places pencil camera there. Swetlana claims send them from here. A
Arush says mother should we do so? Do not ask me questions today. She states do not tell me exactly what to do. Go and find the back. She says I Need to visit US, Swetalan faints. Mehek and Sweeti visit their vehicle. Shaurya states chachi are you prepared? She wakes up and claims I watched her. Arush says that? Swetlana says she's here. Arush states please possess water. They hear a sound. Swetlana says she's here. She wishes to take me out of here. Arush says she's dead she can not return. My mehek wont abandon you this moment. You can not run. Every course you run from will probably be ceased by her. Arush says get from here. He calls for guards. Kanta claims departure is following you and you'll have a painful death. Nobody can spare you. Arush says mother relax. She runs outside. Kanta comes. Mehek informs her that Swetlana hurried from the home. Swetlana arrives to Shaurya's home. Mehek and Kanta conceal. . Shaurya says she's dead. Swetlana says she'll kill us both. She wont leave . Shaurya says unwind aunty. You're well educated. That is superstition. Mehek leaves it hides. You simply feel guilty. Swetlana says I'm telling you. She appears here and there. Mehek and Kanta hie at a space.
Swetlana states that you don't expect me enjoy Arush. Swetlana says I'll move into your residence. I shall prove you. She leaves. Shaurya says its better she resides here. You need to stay in out home. We'll better have the ability to keep track of her.
Yuvraj says welcome for this home.
Shaurya carries Swetlana into her room. She states there was a person in balcony. Shaurya states nobody is here. Relax. Shaurya leaves. She goes outside. Lights spark.
Swetlana yells Shaurya's doorway. He states I'm asleep. Mehek comes following swetlana. She comes to backyard. Mehek states you'll perish. Swetlana says I did not do anything. Mehek states you've got to cover your sins. Nobody can spare you. mehek falls. Swetlana states that is their match. She's not a ghost. Swetlana chooses mehek's weapon. Shaurya and Kanta include also. Swetlana says you will perish together. The rifle is empty. Shaurya laughs. Swetlana strikes Kanta and runs.
Swetlana states that they had been trying to frighten me? They'll perish again from my palms. Swetlana hides from the yard. Mehek calls authorities for safety.
Swetlana is concealed behind plants. She awakens at the home. Shaurya says we're together, what is nice.
In space, mehek is determined by sofa and smiles at Shaurya. Shaurya lies on mattress.
Swetlana believes that I'll kill them and receive land then I'm far away. Swetlana regards their space and stabs individual on sofa but she sees its cushions. She hears mehek inquiring if she wishes to test again? Swetlana says that I will kill you . Mehek says that your devil won but its time to lose. Swetlana sees Kanta and many others . Mehek states we trusted you but you cheated usonly gave us wounds. Mehek slaps her and says you ruined my loved ones and also for my Kanta chachi who needed to endure years of pain, you need to surrender. Swetlana believes no, I cant shed. She chooses knife and catches mehek, she states to Shaurya I understand you cant come ahead and eliminate mehek. Mehek believes that sin cant win , help me. She pushes Swetlana from her. Swetlana attempts to operate and comes to couch. She chooses trishul out of mandir and is going to strike but her foot slides, she drops down and trishul drops in atmosphere and stabs herself. Authorities comes there also. Swetlana dies. Kanta appears at mata rani and yells.
Aarosh is detained and Swetlana's body has been removed.
All household members mingle together. Kanta claims to them that just matter is significantly less, lets do it.
Shaurya and mehek stays at mandir to get married . All household members are joyful.
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